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Tuesday 17 July 2012

The toddler force! Darth Vader's never been so popular.

I love this ad, you've probably seen it as it played during the Superbowl. I think its success is in showing the simplicity of a child's imagination and the joy of surprising them. I'm so glad I still have this phase of my boys to look forward to. 

Bang is just reaching this stage at 3, he told me he was four yesterday and that he turned four when he had a batman cake. The thing is he's 3 and has never had a batman cake. But that's toddlers, their minds are not as logical as they may be at some stage but they are cuter and funnier than they'll ever be and it is so fun to watch and a real privilege to be a party to their machinations. 

Enjoy every minute!

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  1. I have to agree- the age Bang is till school starts is tops. I remember it with our son, and now I get to share it with his son each Monday and Thursday. Hugo is 5 in October & he has every story to tell about every super hero and he also loves classic Aussie film The Man from snowy river .. It came put whe you were kids! He is so taken with the characters, the horses, the music ( he can hum most songs and the theme!) that his parents took him & 2 yo to a farm in the mountains where he got to drive a horse and sulky! Little man heaven! Hugo at 4 with the accompanying testosterone rush ( warning you!) has become very male figure oriented & talks to my hub about all & sundry. We are so lucky to have this again in our lives. It's priceless & an iPhone is a v handy record of what goes on! Enjoy my lovely Nic, enjoy!!


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