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These were(and actually still are) my favourite sunglasses but you'll be glad to know the rest of the outfit was fancy dress (check out those earrings!) I was at the zoo for a corporate day and was a bit excited as hadn't been to the zoo since I was a child.

It's kinda weird to look into my eyes here and know that I had NO idea that I would own clothes, sofas and rugs that would regularly feel a mixture of spew, wee and/or poo seeping into them, from one of my gorgeous two boys under two. 

I wasn't always a corporate-type though, as in a former life I was an Art Director for a global Ad agency in Sydney, and although I loved the creativity, it wasn't enough to dwell on the outside. So I had the radical idea of going client-side and turned down a great creative gig to go and work for Dell in Marketing Communications and I've been on the 'dark' side now for 8 years.  

Motherhood was a huge shock to me as I had always been a career-focussed woman with next to zero maternal instinct. Unless a puppy was involved and then I'd turn to mush (I now don't want a puppy as I value my sanity). But for as long as I can remember when the pressure got to me, writing had always been a release and I have a box of black hard cover journals to prove it. So having built a very sub-optimal website years ago and designed quite a few, I had this original thought, that millions of others have also had... "why not start a blog?" 

I realised after two blog posts and a few tweets that writing is a real passion. I love the challenge of it and the time it takes to describe a situation with humour and beauty, enough to captivate an audience. Most of all I love the connection it creates with strangers from all over the world. Other people who get what I'm saying or who laugh at the muddles I end up in. The amazing community I've found is what has me hooked. 

My two boys, 'Bang' (5yrs) & 'Crash' (4yrs) are my main inspiration as they are a continual source of wonderment, joy and terror all in equal measure. And my long-suffering husband, 'Boom' also makes appearances as I still struggle to understand the male species! 

I hope you enjoy my random musings and I conjure at least a smile. Make sure you tell me if I do and I look forward to talking with you online. 

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