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Friday 20 April 2012

Fitzy does a Nudie Rudie in front of my sketchpad

I hadn't even eaten breakfast when I was faced with a man wearing only a sapphire necklace winking at me. "WTF!" I thought and then I remembered that two short days prior I had actually brought this little, I mean quite large (sorry Fitzy!) situation on myself by sending the tweet below. 

The day started like any other; Crash nearly choked on the apple he snuck out of his kindy bag, Bang didn't quite make it to the potty and I took too long in the bathroom. Then I found myself standing next to Ryan Fitzgerald's wife while her husband de-robed. Despite the indisputable thrill of getting up close and personal (there's a fun euphemism) with my fave radio personalities, Fitzy & Wippa, the real fun was when Fitzy's son Hughie started yelling "Dadda, bum bum...Dadda BUM BUM".

Since becoming a Mum of two boys myself, watching this little man, trying to tell his Dad that he possibly should put some clothes on was priceless. Little people are SO cute and effortlessly hilarious. With Fitzy as your Dad though you may get a bit of a head start in the humour stakes, and showing signs of this Hughie almost stole the show, well for me anyway. Give me a toddler to talk to any day over staring at a 6'5" super cut naked male body! LOL!
(You can see the full hilarious exchange on the video from Nova and also discover that the photo of me was taken surprisingly when Fitzy still had clothes on - see not the dirty p€rve you thought I was). 

Anyway I did manage to get some sketching done despite the utter mayhem that was going on around the easels see below but don't think it does him justice.

"Still ar5e" a frenetic work of art by Nicole of Fitzy!


  1. THAT IS SO COOL. Well DONE, Nicole!

  2. The Camera ChroniclesFri Apr 20, 10:08:00 pm

    How funny! Listening to his son would have been hilarious! You did a great job! I learnt something new about you - you can draw!!

  3. It was crazy - like stepping into a pinball machine but somehow it all came together despite cords, headphones, video cameras, still cameras, microphones flying everywhere... and then this gorgeous toddler yelling and giggling just to top it off. Thanks for the lovely compliment too!  Nx

  4. Now there's a claim to fame :-)

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

  5. How cool are you dear Nic! Cheeky....and so bloody talented too. Bet you had a ball (pun intended) Denyse

  6. Thanks D *blush* - the puns have been coming thick and fast on twitter they are half the fun! heehee

  7. Yes - something to tell the grandkids LOL! xxx


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