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Sunday 8 July 2012

Puberty Blues & Teenage Bliss!

I was innocently sitting down to my weekly dose of Offspring when I was set upon by this. I use the words set upon because a trailer for an up and coming series completely unravelled me and tears welled in my eyes as the last seconds of the three minutes ended. There it was memories, memories from when I saw Puberty Blues the first time, memories when I was that girl desperate to be kissed by that guy, memories, often painful of my own tempestuous awakening to life as a young woman. 

The excitement, the hope, the romance and the wide-eyedness of an open heart yet to be broken. It was balmy nights on the beach, pashes in front of camp fires, cask wine, indecently short skirts and all night conversations about the meaning of life. 

Ah the memories!
What advice do you give a teenager screaming to escape their innocence? Hold on, wait, don't rush? You can't - they wouldn't understand. I was dying to be an adult, a person in my own right, a trailblazing light streaming forward to a brilliant future. I didn't know that it'd all be over in the blink of an eye. I didn't understand that one day I would suddenly feel old and wonder what happened to that smiling, carefree girl, with so much life to look forward to. I didn't know that boys were NOT looking for the love of their life.

How do you prepare your beautiful innocent children for a world that will disappoint and will break their heart at least once? Not that a TV show will answer this, but I'm going to be glued to this new version of Puberty Blues because I'm as sentimental as they come. I grew up in the 70s and the whole scene is like looking at my family's super8 films. The risks, the heartbreak, the dancing, oh the dancing and the absolute exhilaration when that guy eventually turned and more than looked at you that way.  

 Teenage bliss! 
Would you go back for more?


  1. This trailer caught me unawares the other night too. I also had tears before it ended because I lived Puberty Blues the first time round too.  In fact I watched it being filmed in the suburb I grew up in.  I grew up on the beach but didn't fit in with the surf crowd. The one sort of boyfriend (he went out with me a couple of times to get closer to my blonde buxom friend) I had that surfed (not very well) had a club foot and I had to help him carry his surfboard to the beach. Though I can claim a kind of fame because that board was used by the movie (see the original, the girls carried a board with a tiger on it at the end of the film).  When the book and then the movie came out I was scared my parents would see it and find out what we are really doing in our teens. Can't wait to watch the new one, if not for the music alone.

  2. I know the soundtrack sounds like it's going to be so fun. The acting looks amazing too... high hopes and a big heart waiting to be overwhelmed with teenage memories! Your involvement is VERY cool - I reckon you can claim minor celebrity status for that surfboard cameo. Look forward to discussing when it's on! Nx


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