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Saturday 30 June 2012

Bloggers are weird!

This picture of @rahest captures the hilarity of the blogging world!
Whenever I see a group of bloggers now (commonly known as a Babble), especially the mummy kind, I know what to expect. But it wasn't always that way. I don't know why I assumed that when I first walked into a small karaoke room mid last year that I would find 16 other versions of me. So I was quite taken aback to find nothing like me there. In fact what I found was the most diverse group of women I had ever come across (also the loudest I might add). 

Then I realised the reason I'd made that wrong assumption was because life before blogging had always been like that. Schools, Suburbs, workplaces have similar demographics, education, friends and interests. Like attracts like. So without blogging my life would have continued as a microcosm of me, an expansion of what defines me and reassures me every day. 

I've read about Bloggers traveling to foreign countries and seeing wholly different ways of life but who'd have thought you could stay in your own city and discover a rich fabric of people, their difference exploding your perceptions of what was effectively a very small world. Equally surprising is that my unique life is adding depth and a new hue to their lives too. 

@easypeasykids, @twitchycorner and me being intellectual again
When I had lunch last week and Trae Flett of Where's My Glow? fame said her RL friends were threatening that she soon would be only left with e-friends she literally guffawed "They obviously have no idea how awesome my e-friends are". Like Trae, despite adoring my RL friends, I also see my e-friends as amazing too. Now every time I know I'm going to meet up with bloggers who I normally only talk with online I know I am in for a treat. 

Do these two need any introduction? Just in case it's Mrs Woog and Penny being sensible
We only had two things in common when we all first met, we were Mums and we had blogs and that really was it. But now there's so much more, as we share with our hearts on our sleeves, we always end up somehow together in hysterical laughter. Like I'm sure we will today at the latest meet up, Nuffnang Blogopolis! Stay tuned for more hilarious photos.


  1. Hysterical laughter. You can't beat it xxx

  2. Agree. Thanks for giving us more of it yesterday - some brilliant quotes from u as usual, loved the pen comment, hilarious x

  3. Sad this wasn't one I could attend. Bloggers' conferences are the best! So many people to talk to and have fun with all in one place. So glad we've met too xx

    1. I don't think I'm going to problogger this year so may not see you :( although will be down there for work again at some stage so will drop you a line when I am. xxx

  4. If you'd asked me a few years ago if I'd have friends in the computer I would have thought you were an idiot. I have made some amazing friendships from this gig and the shenanigans when we meet up are the bomb x

  5. My friends in the computer are just a tad cooler. They just roll with my weirdness, but people in my real life community get a little weirded out.
    Pus being anonymous means I can just pretend I'm someone else if I weird them out too much. That is, if I haven't already introduced myself.

  6. Some days I really wish I'd gone the anonymous route ... may still do ... p.s. I don't think you are weird at all ! x

  7. It is interesting and very rich times we live in... nx


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