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Thursday 11 April 2013

The Bloggess! that is all.

Ok so was going to do a selection of posts from any number of wonderful bloggers that have made me happy or made me p1ss myself laughing or preferably both. Then someone called Jenny Lawson happened and despite being inspired by her and her 5ft metal chicken in the past, I realised I had to dedicate a whole blog post to just her blog posts - so today is about THE bloggess - another day in Happyril, that mythical and weird place in time that some people just call April, I will share the love amongst other very humourous bloggers. 

The reason Jenny Lawson makes so many people happy is because (as if I know!?) she is not only an amazingly talented writer, but she is also real in an extreme sense and SO generous. I know this because if you have over 300,000 tweeps following you and you sometimes get over 3000 comments on your blog, you don't have to answer inane questions from small mummy bloggers from Australia... but she does! And that's why I love her, that and her stuffed squirrels, warm my little heart. 

This is what happens when Plato and The bloggess cross paths! Source here

Today I give you: 

1. The one about the meth lab and the first post of Jenny's I ever read

2. The one where you realise why Jenny suffers from anxiety . 

3. The one about jizz

4. The one with random phone messages that make me feel strangely comfy

I'm going to stop sharing now because once you go to her site you'll get stuck - it's like Pinterest for people with no taste who can't go a day without craving and then failing to resist imperfection and wrongness. Hopefully you'll get stuck there too, hopefully that is not an insult hmmm? 

Is there a blogger that makes you happy... or is Jenny all that for you too?


  1. Thanks Nicole, I now have two new funny bloggesses to follow. Nice to see someone from downunder. I blog further south - Queenstown, NZ. My mum used to call my twin brothers Grizzle and Scream. Happyril to you!

  2. Hi Jane, wow Queenstown is slightly more inspirational than Sydney. Thanks for your lovely compliment, I think the Bloggess might take exception to being placed in the same sentence as me, but I'm all for it!!! I think your Mum got it right as Bang and Crash have definitely turned into Grizzle and Scream, now the youngest can walk! Off to search for your blog, Nx

  3. I don't know, I crave the craziness of the city for inspiration while sat in my tower office surrounded by mountains and autumn tones. Let me know if you can't find my blog?

  4. Found it! Off to have a read... ok not right now as have to sleep but it is on the list! x


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