Saturday 18 February 2012


A few weeks back I was kindly invited by The Mother Media to preview a new product by Nature's Own called Omega Delight. I was a bit excited, and not for the obvious reason, that is, we were having lunch at Flying Fish. I was excited because I was about to be introduced to a product that would eliminate one of the million guilty thoughts I have had every single day since I became a Mum. The one being addressed by this event was: 

"Oh my god I haven't cooked fish for the boys again this week...if I don't give them enough fish they don't get Omega-3 and if they don't get Omega-3 their brain development* is stunted and if their brain development is stunted they will not reach their full potential and then they'll end up unhappy, unfulfilled, sad and probably living in a box by the side of the road eating dirt and it will be all MY fault." 

What is Mrs Woog thinking?
As the R&D guys tinkered around with emulsions and humectants, I wondered if they realised that they weren't just creating a fish oil supplement, they were creating a prevention for both insanity in Mothers and homelessness for the future generation. Probably best not to share that with them though, the pressure would have been so distracting they would have never come up with anything as tasty and unique as their blissful ignorance finally produced. 
The last supper of stupidity, brain superiority here we come! 
And it does taste good. Both my toddler boys love it, with Boom wanting more than his one teaspoon dose per day. I suggest putting a third of the dose in a spoon and then give in twice to the cries for more to get the full teaspoon recommended in or just hide the lot in yoghurt! Yes I know, fish oil and yoghurt - yum...but these particular food scientists seem to be giving Willy Wonka a run for their money. I wonder whether 'Roast Dinner' flavour was considered?

Anyway I am off to prevent my children becoming lay about, useless adults with some yummy gooey mangoey stuff. And if you know what's good for you, (fish oil in case you haven't been listening) you'll head out and get this stuff (it's a bit pricey but I saw it on special at my local Woolies for half price). 

On to more important things what do you think Mrs Woog was thinking?
Tell us in the comments!

In case you are still stuck on my insanity and my sons' near misses with homelessness:
*Omega-3 is a type of fatty acid which is found in oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and herring and is required for optimal brain function and is thought to be beneficial for behaviour, cognitive function, memory and attention. As children grow, their requirements for Omega-3 may also increase.
According to a study done for Nature's Own only 1 in 5 children are getting the recommended 2-3 servings of fish per week and therefore enough Omega-3 for optimal brain function and development. 

This post is an honest review and not sponsored except for provision of a lunch and product samples. 


  1. Mrs Woog is thinking "Clearly your mother didn't feed you enough Omega 3 or you'd know better than to take photos of someone eating!"

    PS - Am so jelly of Mrs Woog's cheekbones!
    PPS,-This stuff might just save two more brains and I am so getting it today! Of course, that would be Boyo's and his poor mad mother's. ;)

  2. Mrs Woog is thinking .... "Mmmmm, a few more seconds and I will turn to Eden and give her all of my meals."

    I win, because that's what she actually really WAS thinking. I had double food all lunch .. was bloody awesome.

    My favourite Omega Delight is the mango. YUM.


  3. I remember Eden! maybe what I was really saying was "Hey Eden, give me some of Mrs Woog's gourmet fish woman, these little servings are killing me!" LOL great lunch! Nx

  4. (Apologies @Kim-marie my new template is freaking out with commenting systems and so my reply to you is down here! Joy!) Nice thought maybe what I was really doing was telling the photographer off "Hey You - lay off me mate woogs, let her chow down on her heavenly dessert in peace man" Nx

  5. I think Mrs Woog was thinking,'if you don't get that camera out of my face, I am going to stab you with my effing fork!' :o)

  6. She's thinking, I could pass off Omega Delight as dessert for the boys and eat all of their ice cream bwahahaha!

  7. Love the thought bubble. hehehe.

  8. I love that everyone thinks she is thinking evil thoughts - it must be the glint in her eye! I thought she was thinking "The kids can live where they like, park benches can be comfy as long as I get to eat out at Flying Fish more often!"
    Thanks for your thoughts Nxxx

  9. This is great, your idea will make many children happy, I hope of course! I have my fingers crossed for you!


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