Tuesday 3 January 2012


My love of blogging is bittersweet. It has enabled me to write which I love, but with all things that one falls heavily for, measure needs to employed at some point. Blogging is so the mother of all rabbit holes. It leads to twitter, a Facebook page (don't start me on Google+), a newsletter, instagram, constant website improvements, getting published, interacting in communities, functions, conferences and hours and hours of publicity and marketing and so on and so forth. Writing actually becomes the least of your worries, and then suddenly it becomes a huge worry because you find you have no time to actually do what started the whole thing, that is just tell a story, share an anecdote, talk to the world.

There is definitely so much value in keeping it simple. The complexity can really burn you out of the blogging world as fast as it took you to set up your blogger or wordpress site. But giving up on blogging is not the worst thing that can happen. What is worse is losing touch with real life. Valuing your three-dimensional relationships less, especially those closest to you. You see a bit of attention from a virtual community of people can do crazy things to people's minds. When you are getting compliments from strangers and people want to meet you - you can get a weird sort of invincible out-of-body type feeling that leads you to devaluing the people you actually need the most.

So upon recognising this I decided to write myself some rules, that hopefully will guard against ending up living in a box next to a power outlet at the local wi-fi spot with only my laptop as company.

Any addicts out there got more tips? Please share!

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  1. Just before I head for the closest free wi-fi, I thought I might add one more, but I can't.  You've pretty much hit the nail on the head.  I don't even mind if CrashHubby watches UFC while I bang away at the keyboard ;)

  2. Hi Laney, Hopefully we'll both make it through without being committed and UFC will once again receive the house ban it deserves (What is it with blokes and the primitive excuse for a TV show???!!!) Thanks for stopping by, I hope you had great Chrissie & new year xxxx

  3. This is a post a newbie blogger should read, though it might scare them off. Fact is, almost all of us succumb to this without realising we've stepped into the river. It's so easy to get swept away. It's a daily effort to avoid this. I don't do too well but, like with an addiction, I realise it now and keep reminding myself, checking myself and kicking myself in the butt to disconnect. Hopefully I'll get better. You too. Great post!

  4. Thanks Veronica and you are so right! Every day I try to go to bed at 9.30 when I should and end up staying up til at least 11 if not later - not excuse is trying to get truckloads done before returning to work but still I recognise the insanity! Nic x

  5. LOL !!  I love the 'mother of all rabbit holes' image - so true.

    Must pat myself on the back as I don't spend half as much time online as I'd like too... the four of them ttally gang up against me and refuse to be ignored.

    BUT... I am at a play centre with my laptop now!!  

  6. Hilarious! Proof that play centres are useful at certain stages. Now that I'm back at work full time my addiction has been rudely interrupted so weekends boys are asleep is it really. Thanks for commenting, hope I keep you giggling while the world spins around you in the madhouse! Nx

  7. second last rule is a steal ! Hah ! Occasionally lol ! It is so consuming and easy to get chained to one's laptop once you start blogging and in my case "start" being the operative word , as a newbie I am possibly breaking all those rules and more. Great post !

    You have a fabulous blog and I enjoyed going through it this arvo , following you back from the follow me group on DP , look forward to reading and learning more.

    Cheers :)

  8. Hi Mumchic
    Whether you are new or been at it for a year, people complimenting your labour of love never grows old so thank you very much! I hope you don't get as caught up as I did at times, but then again a personal artistic pursuit wouldn't be amazing if a little obsession wasn't involved, LOL
    Look forward to seeing yours in action,

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