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Wednesday 9 October 2013

Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read - Witty, intelligent and previously very dangerous

Mark "Chopper" Reed 
1954 - 2013

Take away the violence, that thank goodness in later life he did, and you had a larger than life Aussie character who knew he'd lost so much through crime saying only recently "get out of it, get out of it now while you still got a dream". 

I don't know how much of Chopper was accurately depicted in the movie based on him, but I never fail to laugh at this one line and the way Eric Bana repeatedly says "neville effing bartos" in later scenes. Maybe it's my warped aussie sense of humour, honed through years of quick wit (if by wit you mean insults directed mainly at my try-hard-posh grandmother) from my own fairly gritty great uncle Neville. 

Whatever it is, the "no cash" scene is a classic...