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Thursday 30 June 2011

Why did the 5ft Metal Chicken cross the equator?

(To meet his dwarf cousin the cow, of course)
If you can’t afford an airline ticket to America’s deep south so as to buy a five foot metal chicken then I've found something that may have you high-tailing it to my local farmers’ market.

Now before you get too excited I don’t think this item will excite enough people to crash a server, or cause someone to hack into Wikipedia but like The Bloggess’ hubby, it may make yours very happy and make him realise meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to him.

When I saw this I must have got a wild look in my eyes, as my husband’s filled with terror. Probably because he was scared I wouldn’t buy it for him. I reassured him “Don’t worry darling, I CAN buy this for your anniversary present as I only need to add a doily to it for the 8th”. His reaction was quite at odds with what I expected, so I just told him to shut up and hand me his smartphone. 

Anyway not wanting to cause a furore for the artist, let’s call her Butterfly, I’ve decided not to name the market where this exquisite expression of Butterfly’s current mental state at present resides. Those that really want to know – you know who you are, B. – re-tweet me everyday for a year and I’ll think about it. And don’t worry if you can’t afford $200, there’s always an equally art-gallery-worthy mouse (or rat? you can see it's lovely big ears in my perfectly composed shot above) for $100, although your hubby might get the wrong message with that one (‘cause he wouldn’t with the cow, the cow sends a perfectly clear message of devotion, love and bullish fantasy).

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  1. My comments self-destruct in 10 minutes. Apparently.

  2. If Intense Debate hadn't chucked a spaz I could reply to all of your lovely comments individually and Jenny, your amazing initial comment would still be here...alas a group comment will have to suffice.
    Brenda - the cow is still there and I found you a Cockerel as well!!!
    Kathy - I can only imagine what interesting is a euphemism for...eek!
    Jenny - if this comment self-destructs I am obviously doomed. Your zombies are out there and they have my number. (I think that's them calling now!)

    Nicole x

  3. That cow is cow-tacular! Its got me mooing!

  4. You're not alone Nancy I may have created a riot for Butterfly or at least a few mooing her praises!

    Nicole x

  5. Ok ok - if you follow me on twitter or facebook you will see my check in from foursquare there every Saturday and about five more photos - tragic! Also I discovered today that the cow is made by a company called "ee-i-ee-i-o" cute hey... Thanks for the comment love!
    Nicole x


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